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What exactly is this?

‘The Worst-Case Scenario’ is a blog created and maintained by Jason Christopher Cockrell. It serves as an outlet for expression of his ideas, emotions, inquiries, and witticisms. Common themes of the blog include applications of philosophy to every day life, the beauty of the human experience, incidents in politics and the ethics surrounding them, Objectivist philosophy, mathematical and academic puzzles, jokes, and complaints.

The title of the blog was inspired by a small group of companions who formed several years ago with the intent of influencing the ideologies and attitudes of their local community. These friends saw a trend towards glorification of anguish, corruption, cheating, and maliciousness, while the peaceful and intellectual among the community were maligned and cast out as the supposed evils of society. Rebels to the core, the talented young people chose to adopt the false label of evil given to them, forming a band of only the most ‘evil’ members possible, thus effectively rendering themselves the Worst-Case Scenario.

While rebellion is not always to be admired and the acts of these individuals were not invariably just, we still remember their sentiment with fondness, as their central goal was admirable – to reverse a fallacious trend towards giving up on the values of heroism, intellectualism, and peaceful productivity. May the Worst-Case Scenario one day manifest.

Who is Ty and what on Earth is Something Of That Ilk?

Ty is a friend I met in high school who has proven to be more valuable – and more respectable – than a strong majority of the individuals I’ve encountered. He writes a comic called ‘Something Of That Ilk’ which I think you ought to investigate. After reading a couple of my political articles, you could probably use it.

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  1. Byron Johnson
    June 9, 2010 at 9:13 PM


    I like your initiative.

    I’m learning wordpress (slowly). I know you don’t know me but I’ve got 20+ years in a “spook fest” (national security). What you discuss here I may be able to help you with. Are you real first? People run counter intel to capture ideas or suggest them.

    My background involves in part, counter terrorism. I’m hip on “illuminati propoganda”. When the President was a U. S. Senator, he did case work for me. I have media and international contacts. Validating my “realness” is not a problem.

    Are you real?

    I know people to talk to who might want to make a difference. I see you are a good writer, that’s a one up already. Anything is possible and with my contacts, perhaps we can make a difference.

    I’d propose first, as this is “politics and change”, how we might validate each others sincerety and commitment.

    I like your blog. Give me a jingle or email, but be wary of privacy and such. I’m a “bugged brother”.



    Take care.

    Byron Johnson

  2. Bob Sanderz
    November 28, 2010 at 2:17 AM


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