An End to Tolerance

For decades, the new Left has been calling for an end to intolerance. Today, I’m turning the tables. I want to see an end to tolerance.

What I’m talking about here is not tolerance of skin color or sexual orientation or nationality. Rather, I am out to destroy tolerance of ideas, of religions and philosophies and political affiliations that have been, for far too long, treated as equals or as valid when they have no justification and serve only to injure mankind.

With the recent economic down-turn and the election of a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress, the new Left is having its way with the United States and reviving old socialist ideas with great zeal. Government spending, which has been spiraling out of control since the metaphorical fall of Newt Gingrich, has been glorified, where at least before it was resented. Taxation is also on the rise, as Obama’s divine plan to ‘balance the budget’ can be easily reduced to ‘tax more to pay for all of the wasteful programs’. Unemployment is rampant, academic institutions are losing their funding, and, as a consequence of the severe lending crunch, initiative and mobility in the economy are virtually non-existent by American standards.

Now, we can all admit that markets have cycles and hard times happen. But the magnitude of our current crisis indicates that this is not the result of some temporary shifts or a little frictional unemployment. No, my friends, this is the direct and obvious work of your beloved government and its regulatory laws, welfare programs, excessive taxes, and bureaucratic tendencies. To make a long story short, it is a consequence of statist socialism.

Statism, particularly socialism, is a flawed moral concept that is very easy to defeat with a few simple arguments. Consider, for example, that welfare programs are manifestations of the concept of taking property from people who produce it and giving it to people who need it. We can quickly see the idiocy of this practice if we simply ask ourselves what need has ever produced. Nothing. The labor of the farmer produces crops and the labor of the inventor produces innovative products and the labor of the factory worker produces manufactured goods. But the need, the desire, the wanting of people for things produces nothing.

Put another way, how often have you seen a person say, “I am hungry,” and have food suddenly appear out of the sky in front of them? Not often, I suppose. Yet, if that same person instead says, “I will work to produce food, or I will work to produce valuable products that I can trade for food,” then that person is likely to end up with a nice meal.

It is the producer, not the wanter, of a product who is entitled to own it, because it is the producer, not the wanter, who is responsible for said product’s existence. You make it; you own it.

But in the modern academia, this simple concept that whosoever is responsible for a good’s existence is entitled to use it as he pleases is often lost on those who are supposedly our brightest minds and our most powerful decision-makers. As such, it is way past time that we express our true feelings about the injustice of socialism and the new Left. It is past time that we stop using the word ‘tax’ and start using ‘legalized theft.’ Throw out ‘Congress’ and replace it with ‘Robbers.’ Stop treating your Liberal friends as if they are your intellectual and moral equals – they are not.

The next time you are told that you owe it to the under-privileged folk in the world to give your money away to charity or to the government, hold up your hand, and say, “This is my hand. It is attached to my body, and it is under my control. What this hand builds or produces is rightfully mine. To forcibly take away my property is morally equivalent to slicing off my hand.” The next time you have to file your annual legalized theft forms, send them in with a note condemning the insanity of coerced charity, labeling the collectors as the criminals that they are. When a person challenges you to a debate of economics, don’t treat it like it is simply a subject of numbers and green pieces of paper – call it what it is, assert your moral right to keep that which you produce.

I am by no means advocating brutality or assault against those who hold oppressive views. Even rudeness is not necessary – but sincerity is. You must realize that what is being done to your hard-earned property is a moral outrage, and, as such, you must be outraged. It is time for freedom-minded people of the world, and, especially, of the United States, to stop sitting quietly and docilely, indulging ridiculous notions that all ideas are equally valid or that socialism is just another way of doing things. You do not belong to a collective body, and your labor is an extension of yourself. Stop tolerating oppression. Rise up and revolt, if only in your mind. Perhaps some day fairly soon the time will come when that revolt will manifest in reality.

  1. trinity
    August 9, 2009 at 6:04 PM

    I am outraged by your post. While you do make a good point about working for your food and what you put in you get out, I believe that we that do work must also help those that cant. I don’t mean cant as in don’t want to but those who absolutely can not work. I believe that we need to help give to the people that need it and are not able to get it themselves. I believe that this can be easily twisted into a want not to fend for self rather than a does not have the capacity to fend for self. My examples of people that may not be able to do this are people that are severely developmentally disabled, severely mentally ill, elderly people, and children. I understand that when a comment to a post is made the commenter can and will be viewed as unintelligent and just spouting off. I hope that i have been able to share my view without appearing stupid. Thank you for the thought provoking content of your blog. Hopefully you will be able to look at all sides of a story and acknowledge that there are multiple sides to every coin. ~Trintiy

    • Diogenes
      August 11, 2009 at 11:23 AM

      As long as this nation proclaims to be free, people should be financially free. They should not be obliged to pay for other people. Of course, it would be heartless to suggest that we abandon people when they need help. I am merely pointing out the inefficiency in the current system. Back when we had real food stamps instead of EBT cards, people would sell their food stamps for 75 cents on the dollar in order to purchase beer, cigarettes and drugs. Then they would report that they had not had enough food stamps to feed themselves that month. This clear extortion of the system is allowed only because the welfare is maintained on the federal level, and as usual, the federal government fails at being efficient.

      A better replacement would be to let the local governments take care of the needy within their own district. This way, only those who wish to participate in the welfare program would need to pay for the social welfare of others. Also, on a local level the process can become more personal, allowing for a better assessment of the true need of the individual, minimizing the amount of money misappropriated.

      The revolution is coming…. Obama wanted change, and he will soon get it. The silent majority has had enough of the government running their country into the ground with silly policies that don’t work. They have had it with career politicians cutting educational and penal systems’ budgets while giving themselves a raise. The silent majority will be silent no longer.

  2. Lorelei
    August 10, 2009 at 4:24 PM

    I disagree. Many, many people do take advantage of welfare. You live off welfare til your kid turns 16, then she pops one out so she can get the welfare you don’t receive anymore.
    If you’re disabled you don’t get welfare, you receive disability. That’s different.
    We need more jobs for the underqualified, especially those who are too old to go back to school. Then welfare would not be needed at all.

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